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Our Founder & Director

John Kennedy is a pioneer in the field of Applied Neuroplasticity and created the worlds first Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program in 2007 at the request of the US Marines. To date thousands of people from high performers to those struggling with brain disorders have benefited.

Invited Lectures & Publications

John lectures and presents educational workshops at conferences, universities and parent teachers organizations all over the world. His goal is to educate others on the power of Applied Neuroplasticity and how this knowledge can positively change their lives and the lives of their families and students.

Targeted Neuroplasticity Training

John''s proprietary program has helped thousands of people improve their performance regardless of starting cognitive baseline. SEAL's, snipers, pilots, professional athletes and high performing business people to those suffering from depression, TBI, PTSD and Learning Disabilities.

Our Unique Methodology

Robust Non Digital Stimulation

 “The development of particular neurological connections or skills does not occur gradually over time. Instead such changes tend to occur suddenly, appearing in short intervals after robust stimulation, it is as if there is a single important trigger and then a functional circuit rapidly comes online.” – Akira Yoshii, MIT brain researcher 

Our "analog" programs uniquely provide this robust stimulation creating noticeable beneficial physical changes in the brain in just a few hours. Digital based brain training programs just do not work! (see downloads below)

Faster Mental Processing

Our proprietary exercises target the processes critical to Executive Function and Working Memory. This makes decision making a "zombie system", i.e. performed unconsciously where it is much faster and more accurate - like putting a faster processor in your computer, performance improves in every thing you do, at every level!

Cognitively Primed Anticipation

Whatever we do, data is coming at us incredibly fast and our mental efficiency depends on how well we Break it down Think it through, Execute! When this becomes a zombie system, our ability to anticipate is increased (called intuition), our conscious is free for more creative proactive thinking, mental and physical reaction times accelerate, stress goes down and focus improves!

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We're Here to Improve Your Life!

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Invited Lectures and Publications

Invited Lectures


  • 2017 Combat Brain Training, IT Knowledge and Abilities Network,   Chicago, IL  
  • 2017 Mental Resilience, St. Bonaventure University, Buffalo, NY
  • 2017 Accelerated Mental Performance, Ottawa Redblacks, Canadian Football League, remote via Skype
  • 2017 Accelerated Mental Performance, Achieve Performance, Denver, CO
  • 2017 Targeted Neuroplasticity Training, Arise MD, Milwaukee, WI
  • 2017 Accelerated Mental   Performance, Penn State Fayette, Men’s Basketball Team, remote
  • 2017 Mental Performance Training, Breakthrough Urban Ministries -   Coaches United Against Violence, Chicago, IL
  • 2017 Combat Brain Training, Evanston Police Dept., Evanston, IL 
  • 2017 Accelerated Mental   Performance, Northwestern University Athletes in Action, Evanston, IL
  • 2017 Accelerated Mental Performance, Premier Volleyball, Maumee, OH
  •  2017 Combat Brain Training, Diversified Business Alliance, Chicago,   IL
  •  2016 Progressively Accelerated Cognitive Exertion, International   Brain Disorders and Therapeutics Conference, Chicago, IL
  •  2016 Mental Resilience, St. Bonaventure University, Buffalo, NY
  •  2016 Accelerated Mental Performance, US National Volley Ball   Conference, Columbus, OH
  •  2016 Combat Brain Training, Small Business Advocacy Council, Chicago,   IL
  •  2016 Accelerated Mental Performance, Eastside Volleyball Camp,   Peoria, IL
  •  2016 Lean Thinking, LEAN Construction Institute   Conference, Chicago, IL
  •  2016 Mental Leadership, Westminster College, Fulton, MO
  •  2016 Mental Resilience, Youth Impact Program, Northwestern University
  •  2016 Combat Brain Training, Defence Academy of the UK, Skype
  •  2016 Accelerated Mental Performance, Hope Academy, Chicago, IL
  •  2016 Mental Recovery Training, Visger Concussion Group, Arlington   Heights, IL
  •  2016 Mental Recovery Training, Lone Survivor Foundation, Skype
  •  2016 Targeted Neuroplasticity Training, GCE Lab School, Chicago, IL
  •  2016 Accelerated Mental Performance, Loyola Basketball Team, Chicago,   IL
  •  2016 Targeted Neuroplasticity Training, AT&T Leadership Speaker   Series
  •  2016 Accelerated Mental Performance, SageSoft Software, Manila,  Philippines
  •  2016 Targeted Neuroplasticity Training, Chicago Area   Depression/Bipolar Alliance, Morton Grove, IL
  •  2015 Mental Performance Training, Integrated Facilities Management,   Skokie, IL
  •  2015 Mental Performance Training, HOPE Academy, High School,   Winnetka, IL
  •  2015 Targeted Neuroplasticity Training, Chicago Area   Depression/Bipolar Alliance, Morton Grove, IL
  •  2015 Combat Brain Training, 1871 "The Bunker", 1871 Chicago,   IL
  •  2015 Mental Resilience, Youth Impact Program, Northwestern University
  •  2015 Concussion Management, AYSO, Evanston, IL
  •  2015 Targeted Neuroplasticity Training, DiMeo Schneider, Chicago, IL


  • 2018 Zombie Thinking - why we do what we do and how to improve it! 
  • 2017 Accelerated Mental Performance, CEC Manual
  • 2016 "Brain Training", British Psychological Society   Research Digest
  • 2015 "Does Brain Training Work?", Neuroscientists Speak Out, BeBrainFit 
  • 2014 "Being Analog in a Digital World", Cutter IT Journal,   Vol. 27. June/July 2014
  • 2014 "Think Like a Zombie", Chicago Venture Magazine, Brain Tech Part 4
  • 2014 "Think Fast”, Chicago Venture Magazine, Brain Tech Part 3

Targeted Neuroplasticity Training

Originally Contracted by US Marines 2007

We were contracted by the US Marines to develop Mental Performance Training (now called Combat Brain Training) in 2007 to reduce casualties, improve Warfighting capabilities and accelerate recovery from PTSD and TBI utilizing our proprietary process re-engineering approach.  After several years successfully helping the military (SEAL's, snipers, pilots, etc.) the program migrated to the civilian sector. Thousands of people have benefited since from all walks of life, at any age and regardless of starting cognitive baseline. Here a few representative testimonials:


This is the first innovation in military training since WWII! - LTC Matt Tracy, Leftwich Leadership Award Recipient, OIC of Regimental Schools

"Marine Scout Sniper Course is one of the toughest in the military, with a typical drop out rate of 40-60%. In the two classes with Combat Brain Training drops from stalking averaged only 1 per class with some of the highest marksmanship scores ever!" - GSGT Mike Skinta, Course OIC


“On the slalom I noticed that I was able to “see ahead” much further which is critical to reading upcoming snow conditions. I was also able to break out of the ruts that have been holding me back – I can recover quickly from errors without getting stressed. ..I just noticed a difference in my free skiing too.....I was able to plan my next turn while I was still in one. Thank you SO much! This has really helped!” - D. Helmsley, US Ski Team

“Playing the position of Quarterback involves a lot: blitz recognition, coverage identification, route progressions, hot reads, adjustments from coverage rolling, reading leverage, my own footwork and timing. Combat Brain Training has allowed me to improve the skill of task switching with great efficiency all while also improving extended focus and anticipation… it has helped speed up my decision-making process to a “flow” state – fast accurate and unconscious.” - Trevor Harris, CFL Grey Cup Champion Quarterback

And from coaches: “Players are commenting on how much the game is slowing down for them in their mind. In addition to "saying" that the CBT is helping them, several of the players are improving rapidly and their stats are validating it. Higher shooting percentage, more pass deflections, two guys got in help position enough to take the first charges of their careers. We are sold” – Bill Curry, Varsity Basketball Coach, Westinghouse College Prep


“The results are incredible! I had the class practice the exercises 15 minutes a few times a week over 8 weeks and the average ACT score jumped 3 full points!” – M. Hamstra, Inner City High School Advisor

“Personally I have noticed that I can focus with more distractions than most of the students around me. I take statistics which is a pretty hard course at ND and for our first week we did critical thinking questions for homework and I was one of the only kids that achieved a 100%. I’m usually a pretty good student but in this instance I noticed a dramatic improvement in focus, I almost felt as if my understanding of the questions asked was multiplied.” HS Student

Business People

“This was the best training for my mental and psychological well-being” – Martin G., CFO

 “My team (that was in the brain training program) are learning faster and remembering better. Our meetings are much more efficient, and we are accomplishing more in less time.”– Dennis P. CEO

“We just had our Quarterly Budget meeting which usually lasts several hours and ends with everyone hating each other. This time we finished in 90 minutes and everyone is singing Kumbayah. Please come back and train our sales and customer service teams! - Jane H., HR Director

Brain Trauma and Depression

“He was diagnosed with severe depression and bi-polar disorder and very disengaged. Now he is so different! I can really see the improvements – he was working out every day, had gotten a haircut and was actively looking for work. He read an article to me. I couldn't believe how fast he read it. It was amazing! Its still hard to believe! "– Mother of client after 6 sessions

“After just two weeks of practicing the CBT exercises my processing speed and focus has improved so much more than the 3 months I was working with the doctors. After my last neuropsych test they basically told me I didn’t need their therapy anymore.” – R. Richards. College Student with severe concussion